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Ace the Party Place Policies
ding!Delivery and pickup charges are determined by location and will be quoted on request.
ding!All delivery and pickup charges are quoted for ground floor only.  There will be an extra charge for deliveries and pickups on other floors or in different sections of the building.
ding!Equipment must be protected from the weather at all times and should be taken down and stacked before we arrive for pickup in order to avoid an additional fee.
ding!All rentals taken from the store and listed on the rental contract are final.  There are no refunds for unused rental items.
ding!Rental payment is due in advance.
ding!Some items may require a security deposit at the time of rental.  On some orders, an advance deposit may be required.   A non-refundable deposit might be required before tents and costumes may be reserved.
ding!Set-up and tear-down of tables and chairs can be provided and should be arranged when order is placed.  Prices available upon request.
ding!Party equipment is delivered clean and table ready.  To avoid a cleaning charge, all china, glassware, and flatware should be rinsed and food-free, and returned in its original container.
ding!Table linens must be returned dry and free of food.  Permanent stains, wax, burns, etc., will incur a replacement charge.
ding!Customer will be charged for missing and damaged items.  Accidental damage to some rental items may, at the customer's option, be covered by a damage waiver charge of 10% of the rental cost.
ding!China, glassware, and flatware are packed and rented by 10's except as noted.
ding!One rental day is normally 24 hours.   Special arrangements can be made to accommodate large events requiring early set-up.
ding!All prices are subject to change without notice.

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