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Food Service Equipment
Chafing Dishes New York, New York
50 cup Coffee Server*19.00
6 qt. Round Polished Stainless*17.00
7 qt. Soup Tureen Polished Stainless*16.50
Vollrath Company8 qt. Rectangular Polished Stainless21.50
8 qt. Rectangular Satin Stainless16.00
    Roll Top Lid10.00
3 qt. Round Silver*17.00
8 qt. Round Silver*50.00
8 qt. Rectangular Silver55.00
*One food pan included with rental
Food Pans:
Full Rectangular, 2" or 4"3.00
Half Rectangular, 2" or 4"1.50
Third Rectangular, 4"1.00
Extra Round Food Pans3.00
MiscellaneousBread Basket, Oval Rattan1.50
Butter Melter, 3 oz. Stainless3.00
Champagne Bucket & Stand, Stainless8.00
Champagne Bucket, Clear Plastic7.00
Clam Steamer, 19 qt.10.50
Coffee Maker, 55 cup11.00
Coffee Maker, 101 cup14.75
Coffee Vacuum Pump Pot17.00
Coffee Thermal Server, White3.50
Commercial Blender, 64 oz.32.00
Fondue Set, 2 qt.15.00
Gumbo Pot, 80 qt.15.00
Heat Lamp w/ Metal Tray14.50
Heat Lamp, 1-lite w/ Wood Cutting Board18.00
Heat Lamp, 2-lite w/ Wood Cutting Board21.00
Pebble Bowl, 12"5.00
Pebble Bowl, 15"6.00
Pebble Bowl, 18"6.50
Pebble Bowl, 23"7.00
Plastic Pitcher, 32 oz.1.50
Plastic Pitcher, 60 oz.2.00
Plastic Punch Ladle1.75
Roaster Oven, 18 qt.19.50
Salad Bar, Tabletop27.00
   Sneeze Guard35.00
3-way Server, Stainless5.75
Sheet pan, full2.00
Shell Bowl, Acrylic4.00
Soup Warmer, 7 qt. x 300 watt14.00
Soup Cooker, 7 qt. x 1000 watt18.00
Thermal Food Pan Carrier, Cambro23.00
Caterer's Tray, 14" Round3.00
Caterer's Tray, Large Oval3.50
Caterer's Tray Stand7.00
Tray, 3-tiered Stainless17.50


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